Support the Bakelcha Plastic Wastes Collection

Support the Bakelcha Plastic Wastes Collection

december 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Dear friends,

Today I got from our colleagues in Ethiopia the following sad message:

“We were in sad problem b/c plastic waste compressor machine we were using for plastic waste packing we did for 40,000kg and return to factory for recycling to protect env’t is taken by factory we were burrowed from. Difficult to work on plastic waste with out this machine.sad”

I don’t know what exactly happens but without blamen en shamen (as we say in the Netherlands) I would like to give them a new machine by the end of next week. So that they can use the hydraulic waste (cardboard/plastic/pet) press again by Christmas.

Regardless, why the manufacturer took the machine back, we would like to help our friends in Bale, Ethiopia.

Erik Van Loon
Plastic Pact

p.s. In Bale you can find the third oldest national park of Ethiopia. See Wikipedia for more information about the 2,200 km2 big Bale Mountains National Park.

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