Courant Papier

Courant is nowadays mainly used in the packaging industry to wrap products. It is uncoated matte paper, containing wood with the characteristic appearance of “newsprint”. In the food industry, paper is mainly used by fish companies, but Chinese restaurants also often pack their bami bins in it. Beyond that, you can also see that the flower industry still makes extensive use of it. It is also a great item for packaging fragile items, such as when moving

It is actually a wonderful product that should be used more in the food industry, because it gives your product an environmentally friendly character and it is extremely cost-friendly. The demand for “green” by consumers is also a plus for Courant. But that also applies to Kraft & Ersatz of course.

The only disadvantage of Courant is that it is not very moisture-resistant / grease-proof (that’s what kraft or ersatz is for!), So use it as a buffer or wrap some extra around it because it costs “nothing”!

The same applies to Courant as the other packaging made of paper and cardboard; it has a green character, traditional appearance & we think that despite the additional costs that paper & cardboard packaging has in comparison to many plastic packaging / disposables, it is worth choosing the former. Dare to stand out!





Maximum Temp: N/A
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