On water bottles to the moon

On water bottles to the moon

december 25, 2020 Uncategorized 0

A few days ago Jeroen Vereecke from Robinetto wrote a post on Linkedin about the number of bottles of water sold in Belgium. It was mainly about the water and not so much about the packaging.

But imagine that every Belgian indeed drinks no less than 130.1 liters of water from as many 1 letter bottles of water. Then you can dispose of those 130 bottles of water with an average length of 24 cm per inhabitant of 31.2 meters.

However, if you multiply this number by 11.46 million inhabitants, you can cover no less than 357,552 km and if global warming continues to increase and if every Belgian buys / drinks 10 liters more per year, you can take it to the moon. Because with 384,400 km that is still a bit too far away for the time being.

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