Kraft Papier

Besides Ersatz paper, kraft paper is very widely used in the food industry. Bleached Kraft is often simply referred to as “Kraft” and unbleached Kraft, the latter still has an authentic brown color.

(Bleached) Kraft paper is a beautiful plain white paper that is suitable for many packaging purposes. Kraft paper is often used in the packaging world to make bread bags, the reason for this is that bread is not super greasy, so Ersatz paper is not needed (cheaper) & because it is wet-strong.

The choice between Ersatz and Kraft is made simple: should the paper be grease-free? If the answer is “no” then you can think of Kraft paper (of course there are some other points, but that is often the case). To put it bluntly, Ersatz bags are for cafeterias & Kraft bags are for bakers.

The same applies to Kraft as the other packaging made of paper and cardboard; it has a green character, traditional appearance & we think that despite the additional costs that paper & cardboard packaging has in comparison to many plastic packaging / disposables, it is worth choosing the former. Dare to stand out!





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