Ersatz Papier

Ersatz is a type of paper that is often processed into bags and sheets. At Ersatz Papier we almost always speak of Bleached Ersatz, that is Ersatz after it has been bleached so that the lignin (a color pigment) has been bleached out, giving it the beautiful white color it has. Ersatz feels nice and smooth and has a unique quality: it is greaseproof! It is not surprising that snack bags that often contain a ‘greasy bite’ are packed in this.

All that good stuff comes at a price, Ersatz is more expensive than Kraft paper that doesn’t have that feature. Furthermore, Ersatz often looks a bit nicer, although this is subjective.

The same applies to Ersatz as the other packaging made of paper and cardboard; it has a green character, traditional appearance & we think that despite the additional costs that paper & cardboard packaging has compared to many plastic packaging / disposables, it is worth choosing the former. Dare to stand out!





Maximum Temp: N/A
Minimum Temp: N/A