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Erasmus Behavioural Lab review

Erasmus Behavioural Lab master student, Romina Coral, is doing an investigation into product packaging consumer perceptions of people living in the Netherlands. The reseach is important and that’s why I ask you to participate. Go to to start the review.

mei 23, 2022 0

Cooper’s Refillery

About 40% of plastic is used just once and then thrown away. We generate a lot of plastic packaging waste. Cooper’s Refillery designs refill stations for supermarkets to reduce plastic packaging waste.  Single-use Plastics  Plastic is a lightweight material that has revolutionized the way we live. However, the problem emerges when we talk about single-use…
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april 19, 2021 0

On water bottles to the moon

A few days ago Jeroen Vereecke from Robinetto wrote a post on Linkedin about the number of bottles of water sold in Belgium. It was mainly about the water and not so much about the packaging. But imagine that every Belgian indeed drinks no less than 130.1 liters of water from as many 1 letter…
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december 25, 2020 0

Papkot Aquaseal

Today I asked a Papkot demo. I am looking forward to learn more about their unique hydrophobizing transparent coating making normal paper resistant to water and grease, 100% plastic free & fluorine free. It is natural as rocks and it’s transparant! WOW Learn here more about Papkot

december 19, 2020 0

Plastic as cornerstone

Today I read on Africa News this great article Nairobi based company turns plastic waste into eco friendly bricks see In the video below you get a short impression. If you want to learn more about it then you should definitely read the article. We love it!  

december 11, 2020 0

Support the Bakelcha Plastic Wastes Collection

Dear friends, Today I got from our colleagues in Ethiopia the following sad message: “We were in sad problem b/c plastic waste compressor machine we were using for plastic waste packing we did for 40,000kg and return to factory for recycling to protect env’t is taken by factory we were burrowed from. Difficult to work…
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december 10, 2020 0

New stickers

We will order new Plastic Pact stickers. Let me know if you need more stickers.

maart 11, 2020 0

The world is drowning in plastic pollution

Our planet is drowning in plastic pollution. That’s why Stichting Aquarius organise each year the Nationale World Water Dag River Clean Up since 2008. One million plastic bottles a minute Plastic can be very usefull but some how we got addicted to single-use plastics. We purchase every minute one million plastic drinking bottles and up…
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maart 11, 2020 0

Social Media

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maart 9, 2020 0

Vaatwaspoeder in doos of fles

Vorige week bestede ik aandacht aan wasmiddelen in fles (vloeibaar) en doos (poeder) en natuurlijk geld dit ook voor vaatwasmiddelen. Alhoewel dit meestal nog wel in poedervorm wordt verkocht in tegenstelling tot de handafwasmiddel. Binnenkort daar meer over want het lijkt mij leuk als de Dutch Design Battle eens een wedstrijd gaat uitschrijven hoe wij…
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maart 2, 2019 0