APET is a further processing of a PET. APET is the cheapest of the three, especially the temperature options are more limited.


Belongs to normal PET and actually almost all beverage bottles including Mylar are made from Apet.


A-PET plastic has various characteristics. The various characteristics of A-PET plastic are shown below:

A-PET is a clear plastic type;
A-PET is a very strong material, making it extremely suitable for packaging;
A-PET is shock resistant and tear resistant. Your products are therefore well protected.
A-PET has barrier properties against gases, UV and water;
The plastic type can be used at temperatures from -20 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius;
A-PET is available in all colors, translucent and opaque;
A-PET is fully recyclable, which makes A-PET a very sustainable packaging.


APET can be used in the consumer sector, the industrial sector, the food sector and the pharmaceutical industry


Maximum Temp: 70 ° C
Minimum Temp: -40 ° C